Tips for Keeping Your Bunny at a Boarding Facility

Bunnies are often seen as less-demanding pets than cats or dogs since they can spend their time in one room or a large cage. However, they do still need to be fed and given water daily, and they do require love and attention. And if you are going away for more than a day or two, you will need to find someone to care for your bunny. Often, your best bet is to take your bunny to a professional animal boarding facility. Here are some tips to make this experience easier on you and on your bunny.

1. Look for a service that has a separate space for small pets.

Bunnies are easily intimidated by larger animals like dogs and cats. Even if there is no way for the dog or cat to reach your bunny, having to spend several days in a space where dogs are barking or cats are meowing can make your bunny feel stressed and threatened. You want to look for a boarding facility that has a separate, isolated room for caged pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. Visit the facility and ensure you can't hear any barking dogs or other loud animal noises inside the small pet room.

2. Look for a service that lets you bring your own cage.

Whether your rabbit spends most of its time in its cage or is more free-range with a cage for its litter box and food, you want to select a facility that lets you bring your own cage. Most boarders won't let a bunny roam in a room; it will have to be in a cage. This will be a bit of an adaptation for bunnies that are used to more freedom, but it will be far less stressful if the cage is at least their own cage, and not one owned by the service that might smell like the animals who have used it previously.

3. Arrange for daily check-ins.

More and more, boarders are offering a service where you can Skype or FaceTime with your pet every day. They may also send you video updates throughout the day. Look for someone who offers this service. You can be more confident your pet is in good hands, and you can also calm your bunny through the video with your voice. Bunnies learn the voices of their owners very well for small animals, and hearing you speak will help them feel more comfortable.

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