Just Adopted A Stray Cat? 3 Tips To Make Scheduling A Spay More Comfortable

Adopting a stray cat, whether they were found at a shelter or picked up off the streets, can mean needing to take care of quite a bit of different medical work from a vet in order for your cat to be in the best health. Instead of struggling with getting your cat the medical care that they need, mainly having them spayed or neutered, you will want to see what can go into making sure that your cat can be safely seen at the vet with as little discomfort as possible for them.

Don't Rush Into the Appointment

After adopting a stray cat, it's likely that your cat will be quite overwhelmed and can be understandably nervous. Instead of putting your cat in more stress due to rushing them to the next available appointment, it's best to let them get adjusted to your home first.

Letting your cat warm up to you and begin to feel more secure can make a big difference in how your cat reacts once they've gone to their first vet appointment. Before booking an appointment, you'll also want to reach out to the vet to ask questions about how soon the spaying or neutering should be done after adopting a stray cat.

Prioritize an Experienced Vet Clinic

Since not all vet clinics can offer the same experience, you need to see which ones focus mainly on cats. Checking how many years in business the vet clinic has been around and whether they are qualified for caring for strays can help you potentially have a better experience with getting your cat spayed.

Set Up a Room for Them to Recover In

Making sure that your cat recovers well has a lot to do with keeping them in an environment that's calming and not going to add to any stress. Some good ways to get started is to set up a room that isn't going to be accessed much and can be kept dark.

Making sure that your cat feels comfortable in this room before being spayed or neutered can help a lot with getting a fast recovery and making sure that you're not putting your cat in any more discomfort than necessary.

Making sure that your cat is spayed or neutered without running into any issues that can be daunting, but it is necessary for both the health and comfort of your cat. If you're just looking into what you can do to make sure that your cat has a good experience visiting the vet, the above tips can make all the difference in keeping your cat comfortable.

For more information, reach out to an animal hospital

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