Caring For Your Cat: What You Should Know

Cats can take pretty good care of themselves. They keep to themselves for the most part, although some cats may be a little more social than others. Just because your cat doesn't seem too needy doesn't mean your cat doesn't need some help from you from time to time. Your cat is going to need your care and attention in order to stay healthy. Read on for some helpful care tips for your cat.

1. Feed Them the Right Food

Be sure you are feeding your cat the right food in order for him to stay healthy. If you aren't sure what type of food to feed to your cat, you should discuss it with your veterinarian. If your cat is older, you should feed your cat food made for elderly felines. If your cat has issues eating, stick with soft canned food. Don't give your cat any table food at all, and only feed your cat food made for felines. Human food has too many extra fillers and additives that aren't food for your cat.

2. Groom Them

Your cat will clean himself, but he is going to need you to groom him as well. Your cat can get mats in them if you aren't doing your part as well. Brush your cat often with a feline grooming brush and also take your cat to a groomer to be bathed properly, brushed, and to have any mats removed that need to be removed. If you aren't getting your cat groomed, he could end up having a lot of dander in his skin and fur, and can also end up smelling.

3. Give Them Toys

Give your cat toys to play with that can improve brain function and keep your cat moving and exercising to stay healthy. Toys such as balls that make noise, feathers on a stick, or laser light can all be fun for your cat. Also giving you cat something to climb up on such as a tower, scratch pads, or a box to play in can also be helpful for your cat.

4. Get Their Nails Clipped

Make sure you are getting your cat's nails clipped when they get too long if your cat still has his claws. The nails can end up getting in the way and getting stuck on things such as your furniture or carpeting and can rip the nail. Using scratch pads for your cat to scratch his nails can help keep them from getting overgrown. Take your cat to the veterinarian or to a groomer to have them clipped can help as well.

Your cat is going to need pet care to stay healthy. Talk to your veterinarian about other tips to keep your cat happy, safe, and healthy.

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