Dog Having Accidents In The House? What May Be The Problem

Dogs will have accidents in the house, but if they are having them often and they don't usually have accidents in the house, it could be more than misbehavior, it could be a health concern. If your dog is suddenly having accidents in the house, you should consider taking it to the veterinarian for a checkup and exam to rule out any health concerns. Read on for a few health issues that may be causing your dog to have accidents in the house.


If your dog is having accidents in the house while you're away, it could be that your dog is suffering from anxiety. If your dog has anxiety, it can be treated with medication, or your dog may need to be in a crate while you're away. If the accidents are happening while you are away, you can have your dog boarded at your veterinarian clinic to be monitored instead of being alone in your house to have accidents. Dogs that never had problems with anxiety can get anxiety as they grow older. If you suspect anxiety is a problem for your dog, you should consult your veterinarian.


If your dog is having accidents in the house or is having problems with loose stools and diarrhea, it could be an issue with your dog's intestines or colon. It could be a blockage or a tumor, and your dog is having problems straining to go to the bathroom and is also having issues holding it until you can get home. If your dog is having these types of problems, you need to have your dog checked out by the veterinarian.

Food Allergy

If your dog is suddenly having accidents in the house, it could be an allergic reaction to the food or treats you are feeding your dog. If you've changed your dog's food or treats lately, the new food could be causing a problem for your dog's stomach and irritating it. If your dog is having an allergic reaction to any food, you should stop feeding the food to your dog immediately and go back to what you were feeding your dog before. Blend your dog's food with the new food for a few days when you begin feeding your dog any new food.

If your dog is suddenly having accidents in the house, it could be more than just your dog behaving badly; it could be a health concern. Talk to your veterinarian about what could be going on with your dog, and take your dog in for an exam.

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