Arranging A Pre-Boarding Visit With Your Vet

Are you thinking of traveling and leaving your dog with a boarder soon? There are plenty of excellent boarding facilities that will take wonderful care of your dog while you're away. However, if you plan on utilizing one, it's a good idea to plan ahead. Specifically, you will want to make a pre-boarding visit to the vet a few weeks before you're due to leave. Here are some of the key services to talk to your vet about during that visit.


Boarding facilities generally require that your dog is up to date on their vaccines in order to stay there. This is not only to protect your own dog from disease but also to protect the other dogs at the facility. At a pre-boarding vet visit, the vet will make sure your dog is up to date on all of their shots. They may also give your dog some extra vaccines, such as the kennel cough vaccine, that your dog may not have had before if they weren't socializing with other dogs. It's important for your dog to have these shots a few weeks before their boarding stay since this gives the immune system time to react to the vaccine and build up antibodies.

Calming Medications

Some dogs love going to the boarder and get really excited about it. But it's common for dogs to feel a little apprehensive and worried about the change in environment, especially when they are left without their owners. To help your dog stay calm through the transition, your vet may prescribe a calming medication. You can give your dog a dose of this medication the morning you plan on taking them to the boarder, and you can also leave another dose or two with the boarder in case your dog needs it during their stay.


While you're at the vet, you can also give them the name of the boarding facility you plan on using. You can ask them to authorize representatives from that boarding facility on your dog's account. This way, should anything happen to your dog while you are away, the boarding facility's staff can contact the vet and get care for your furry friend.

If you plan on leaving your dog at the boarder, make an appointment with the vet a few weeks beforehand. This is a convenient way to get your dog up to date on their shots, authorize the boarder on their account, and get some calming medications.

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