Visit Your Vet If Your Rabbit Is Limping

When you take care of a rabbit, it's important to notice how the animal moves. Doing so can especially be easy if the animal roams free in a certain area of your home, as this space will be large enough to allow the rabbit to hop around. As you watch its movements, you might be aware of the rabbit limping. The limp may be pronounced, but it may also be subtle. If you become aware of a limp, you'll want to call your local veterinary clinic for advice. In most cases, you can expect the receptionist to book an appointment so that a veterinarian can determine the reason for the limp. Here are three potential causes.

Foreign Object 

If your rabbit has stepped on a sharp foreign object, it's possible that this object has caused an injury that is making your pet limp. Something sharp such as a stick could have punctured the animal's skin beneath its fur, and there may be a chance that part of the stick is still embedded in the wound. You might have trouble inspecting the foot, especially if your rabbit doesn't let you pick it up. Your vet will carefully assess the foot in question to determine if there's an injury or a foreign object present. In the latter case, the vet will remove the object and treat the wound to prevent infection.

Nail Issues

It's important to trim your pet rabbit's nails regularly, but some owners find this job challenging and may not do it as frequently as they should. It's possible that your rabbit has begun to limp because some of its nails are too long. If they're so long that they're causing discomfort while walking, limping can often occur. It's also possible that the rabbit may have a nail injury. Like other animals, the nail could be split or torn, resulting in pain that is causing the limp.

Toe Injury

Rabbits can develop a few different toe injuries that can often cause them to limp when they move around. A dislocated toe or even a broken toe, perhaps caused by getting the toe caught in the rabbit's cage, can be a painful issue that affects your rabbit's mobility. You can expect your veterinarian to carefully assess the toe in question to determine the problem and offer whatever form of treatment will alleviate the discomfort and help your rabbit to move normally again.

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