3 Ways To Reduce Stress Bringing A Senior Cat To The Vet

Bringing a cat to a veterinarian clinic often comes with a lot of stress since your cat won't want to be taken away from home and brought somewhere unfamiliar. If you're concerned about the stress involved due to your cat being older, consider the following tips to ease stress and make the visit less overwhelming for your cat. 

Opt for a Cat-Only Clinic

Having dogs in the waiting room can mean loud barking and being sniffed while in the carrier. An easy way to reduce the stress involved is to find a clinic that only provides care for cats. Although the price for a species-only clinic can be higher than your typical vet, you'll notice a difference in the vet's knowledge about cats. Visiting a vet with more experience can reduce a lot of your concerns and ensure that your senior cat is getting the best care.

By finding a clinic that only serves cats, you'll be able to significantly reduce the stress your cat could feel during the visit. Ask questions about if the clinic provides care for any other types of pets to ensure there are no surprises once you've arrived for your appointment.

Schedule the Visit Wisely

If you're concerned about lowering stress on your cat due to their age, when the appointment is scheduled can make a difference in the experience. Visiting the clinic on the weekend or during typical after-work hours can lead to a lot more stress on your cat. If visiting on a weekday morning or afternoon isn't an option, it's wise to speak to your vet to see when they're less busy.

Scheduling the visit when the clinic is quiet can ensure that there aren't many loud noises and will reduce time in the waiting room.

Make the Car Ride Easy

Along with carefully choosing a clinic for your cat, you'll want to reduce the stress involved in visiting the clinic. Instead of worrying that your cat is afraid during the drive, find ways to make them comfortable. From slowly introducing the carrier at home to keeping a blanket over it during transit, you can reduce stress by making the trip to the clinic easier.

Providing the best care for your senior cat can be overwhelming with all the different services they'll likely need in their older years. If you're concerned with reducing stress on your cat, the above tips can teach you the different ways to keep your cat comfortable and ensure that the visit isn't as hard on them.

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