Why Take Your Cat To A Cat Dentist?

What is a cat dentist, and why should you take your cat to one? You can take your cat to the cat dentist if your cat has issues with their teeth or has other oral health needs that a traditional dentist may not be able to treat on their own.

Your cat will benefit from regular dental care, whether you believe this is a service they need or not. If your cat is showing signs of dental pain or issues, including drooling, having a poor appetite, being extra grumpy or standoffish, or stinking everywhere they go, they may have one or more abscesses in their mouth that need to be dealt with.

Here are signs your cat needs to go to the cat dentist and why the appointments are so necessary.

Your cat is acting like they are in pain

A cat in pain is a cat that is stressed and likely not able to eat or drink well. If your cat is not doing well, it will start to lose interest in food and water and this can affect not just its oral health, but their overall health as well. Some cats have a genetic trait where their body will start to attack their back teeth when they are infected or diseased in any way, which can make your cat feel even more pain or stress. A cat dentist can help your feline feel better again.

Your cat is really stinky

Bad breath doesn't just indicate tooth decay in people; it indicates tooth decay in felines as well. If your cat is really stinky and drooling a lot, then they are likely suffering from a mouth or tooth infection, have issues with abscesses or painful teeth, or have food stuck in their teeth that makes them stink. Your cat can be taken care of at the cat dentist, which can give them great relief and help you feel better about being around your cat as well.

An older cat may be most prone to illness and dental issues. If your cat is going to heal from their endeavors, then they need to go to the cat dentist for relief. Treatment will require your cat to be placed under general anesthesia so it can get its teeth cleaned. If they need any teeth removed, this will cost extra but will also bring a lot of relief to your cat. Don't hesitate to take them to the cat dentist for all their oral health needs.

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